Updated: Monday, November 20, 2017 03:00 PM
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Monday, November 20, 2017 04:12 PM

Nov. 20, 3:30pm - The story of this week can be summed up as a nice bookend of 50s. Low 50s this afternoon and we expect by Friday we'll again see more wind and highs into the low 50s. In the middle, Wednesday serves as the low point as temps plummet on Tuesday with Wednesday starting potentially in the low 20s and struggling to the mid 30s. But the good news here is that Thanksgiving will see dry conditions and seasonal temps as we swing back to the mild side by Friday. To move this much warm and cold air around we'll have a fair amount of wind tonight and tomorrow and again on Friday for all of you who are traveling. As for the weekend?? Cold again as the roller coaster continues.

Mike Westendorf- Innovative Weather ##
ConditionsMainly clear early, increasing clouds late.Partly to mostly cloudy.Morning clouds, turning partly to mostly sunny later in the day. Becoming very windy and turning much colder.
TempFalling thru the 40s34 inland, 39 lake43, falling
Wind SSW 10-15 mph, gusts from 20-30WSW 10-15 mph, gusts to 25WNW 15-20 mph, gusts to 25-35
ConditionsLots of sunshine, calm winds - unseasonably cold.A mix of clouds and sunshine, turning a bit warmer.Windy and mild, a chance for widely sct'd showers later in the day - otherwise mostly cloudy.

SkiesMostly CloudyClearFair
Feels Like50°F46°F49°F
Relative Humidity52%53%55%
Barometric Pressure30 inHg30 inHg30 inHg
WindsSouthwest 19 mphSouth 16 mphSouthwest 17 mph
Visibility10 Miles10 Miles10 Miles

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