Updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 06:44 PM
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018 09:28 PM

January 17, 9:30pm - This evening continues to be blustery, with gusts to 25-35mph right now and will continue into the overnight hours while skies turn clear and temperatures fall to the mid-upper teens. Thursday sees similar conditions, but warmer temperatures as a southwesterly winds continue our warming trend. Dry tomorrow with breezy winds early, and highs near freezing which will melt the fresh snowfall. Even warmer by Friday with temperatures pushing into the upper 30s, and a chance for 40 over the weekend! Dry conditions last until our next winter storm comes on Sunday and Monday which may bring more rain than snow!

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ConditionsStill blustery, but staying mostly clear and mild.Sunny and quiet with more seasonal temperatures. Quiet conditions with mostly clear skies continue.
Temp18 Lakeside, 15 Inland3221
Wind SW 10-15mph, Gusting to 25-35 mphSW 10-15 mph, Gusting to 20-25 mphSW 5-10mph
ConditionsMostly sunny with even warmer temps.Partly sunny and mild.A chance for rain, with some snow mixing in early in the morning.

SkiesA Few CloudsFair and BreezyFair and Breezy
Feels Like6°F1°F2°F
Relative Humidity65%68%68%
Barometric Pressure30 inHg30 inHg30 inHg
WindsWest 15 mphWest 21 mphWest 21 mph
Visibility10 Miles10 Miles9 Miles

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